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Nogales - Hermasillo January 9 &10, 2016

Nogales AZ – January 9, 2016

We met up with our group at the Nogales, AZ Walmart. There are 4 couples from the US and the rest are from Canada including 2 single ladies. The plan included “dry camping” overnight which proved to be quite chilly.  17 RV’s took up a large portion of the parking lot but it worked out OK.  Our meeting with the Wagonmaster, Paul Beddows was very informative with the info we needed to assist us getting through the Mexican border.  Our departure was set for 7AM the next morning.

Nogales AZ to Hermisillo MX January 10, 2016

I guess with the excitement beginning our journey, we were awake at 4:30 a.m!  This was a chance for coffee and breakfast without rushing.  The distance to the US/ Mexico border was only about 3 miles away.  We were waved through without any inspection. The permit station is located at KM 21 where we purchase our tourist visa & permits for the truck and RV.  To say the very least our paper work bureaucracy in Canada is nothing compared to getting into Mexico.  Wagonmaster Paul warned us it would probably take 3 hours for all of us to clear.  He didn’t exaggerate!
We were finally on our way to Hermisillo Sonora for an overnight stay.  Our campsite owners operate a synthetic lawn business and operate the RV parking as a second enterprise.  This worked out fine for all since it was a secure location on the north side of the city. The RV park hadn’t been used recently and it took time to get power and water to some pads. Mexico!?

"Wagons" loaded and ready to roll!


A beautiful sunrise in Mexico

At the permit station getting last minute instructions from our Wagon Master, Paul.

Nearing our first stop for the night in Hermisillo MX

Our patient and knowledgeable Wagon Master, Paul

Our first happy hour, discussing the details of our travel the next day.

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