Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Melaque to Lo de Marcos March 15, 2016

Our departure from Melaque was fairly time consuming, navigating narrow streets with low wires and palm tree branches. Larry rode on top of the rig lifting wires while Anne drove the truck. It took about an hour to get through the town and a stop at the Pemex fuel station.  While waiting for some of the RV's to get fuel some of our group checked out a side stand, serving morning start "juice" consisting of cocoa, FRESH milk (milked from the cow into the cup!) and a shot of tequila!

View from the rig roof

                                              John sharing his morning "special" kick start

Melaque St Patricks Fireworks evening! March 12, 2016

Our evening began with dinner and dancing at the Salamandra Restaurant.  A few people in our group had some dental work done in Melaque and it turns out Dr Woo also sings at this restaurant.  We had a great evening and the entertainment wonderful! We headed down to the Centro Plaza about 10:30 which was packed, ages from about 10 years to the "seniors"!  Shortly after 11pm the fireworks began.  It was a metal framed tower holding various stages of the fireworks display.  Incredibly the area is not cordoned off and people were gathering around the structure.  After the main display it is a "running of the bulls"with mainly young locals with fireworks attached to their back running into the crowd chasing and being chased while the fireworks on them are spewing into the crowd.  ONE OF A KIND EXPERIENCE!! :)

"Another" excellent dinner

Stan and Colleen stepping out

Bob and Betty rocking and rolling

Dr Woo - Dentist and singer extraordinaire 

Centro Plaza awaiting for the St Patricks fireworks show

Tower fireworks display

            Running of the Bulls display through the crowds. No one is wearing synthetic fabrics!!

Melaque Ranch trip March 10, 2016

Relaxing day at the "Ranch". The day started with the group gathering at a restaurant for a traditional mexican breakfast, and then transferred to the ranch and poolside in the sun or shade.  Great morning, and finishing with a lunch of chicken or ribs before heading back to the camp.  All for 300 pesos each! (about $22 CDN)

Cervezas in the shade by the pool

Cement pond


Melaque ATV Tour March 5, 2016

A 10 am departure on ATV's started out along the beach and out of town. After arriving in the countryside crops of mango and banana groves were everywhere and many herds of cows and goats.  One stop was at the cemetery where our guide, Ray explained the Day of the Dead traditions and the effect on agriculture from the Hurricane Patricia in October 2015.  After a 90 minute ride we hiked in to a canyon with a couple of spectacular waterfalls.  On our way back we stopped for a cooling  swim.
Great day!!

Picking our rides

The ATV banditos (helps with breathing on the dusty trails)

Our guide Ray with the "riders"

Dust control

My back seat driver

Waterfall splash

Cool down swim in a clear river

Melaque March 3 - 14, 2016

March 3, 2016

Our drive over from Mazamitla was without any issues and on route we passed the Colima Volcano.  The volcano was semi-active spouting smoke in varying degrees of intensity.

A brief stop for a photo shoot of the Volcano

Laguna del Tule RV park in Melaque

Pool located adjacent to the beach 

The lagoon behind the RV park complete with crocodiles!

Another beautiful sunset in Mexico!