Saturday, 12 March 2016

Mazamitla February 29 - March 2, 2016

Today we visited a Mescal production farm produced the "old" method. The farm is located in an isolated mountain area that not many tourists even know exist. Unfortunately Anne was down with "Montezumas Revenge" and was unable to join the expedition.
On day 2 the group climbed aboard a Unimoog for a tour and lunch at the mountain village of Ojo de Agua. We enjoyed more great scenery in the El Tigre mountains. Anne was able to join the group in the evening to sit around the fire pit and discuss the days events.  This is also our last evening with Kevin and Ruth.  They have done an amazing job sharing their knowledge and love of Mexico.  Tomorrow our Wagon Master Paul resumes his job of getting us to our next destination... Melaque.

More mountain scenery

Pit for cooking the agave roots

Talk about remote location

Kevin and John demonstrating the "proper" way for Mescal tasting before drinking

Final Mescal product

Today's tour vehicle

Happy Gang

Ojo de Agua plaza after a funeral service

Ruth and Kevin "welcoming" Anne back to the group

Daily event discussion around the pit

The end of another great day

Roca Azul February 25- 28, 2016

Roca Azul is located about 50 KM's south of Guadalajara on the west shore of Lake Chapala.  This area is the heart of raspberry farms.  The fields with the "greenhouse" covers, went on for kilometres!  This area of Lake Chapala is also a very popular destination for US and Canadians. The north shore town of Ajijic signs are mainly in English.

"Covered wagons" all in a row

Drivers briefing/ happy hour at the park clubhouse

Betty's birthday cakes

Ruth assisting Betty blow out the candles

Huge raspberry farms 

Fresh raspberries to feed Canada and USA all winter


No "carbon footprint" transportation

Ruth and Kevin - Wagon Masters Extraordinare  

Villa Corona & Guadalajara February 17 - 25, 2016

Our stay at Villa Corona is adjacent to a natural hot springs water park.  Campsite is beautiful but the electricity fluctuations continues to be an issue.
Our first tour was a full day driving out to the town of Tequila where (you know what is made) and a tour of the Agave plantation of Casa Herradura. It is a beautiful hacienda and massive tequila production operation where we had a sampling of 3 tequilas (still smells like kerosene!) before boarding our bus to the Pyramid ruins.  These are round pyramids, different from what we are accustomed to seeing.
Our second day tour was to the city of Guadalajara, touring the government palace and the downtown area.
Third day was RV maintenance which included rotating the tires on the trailer.  We have been experiencing wheel bearing issues with one wheel of the trailer.  Larry is getting to the stage he can service wheel bearings blindfolded!

Tequila Production Facility

Beautiful gardens

Complete with a Chapel

Tequila production plant

Trimming agave plant

Agave field 

Tequila storage


Round Pyramids

Ancient ruins under restoration

Guadalajara Centro (downtown)

Mariachi band performing at lunch

Stan receiving a running shoe shine

Evening hot tub after a long tour day 

RV trailer tire rotation

Patiently watching her Dad working on trailer tires

San Juan Parangaricutiro & Patzcaurro February 15 & 16, 2016

Kevin (wagon master) Larry, Paul, John and Janice took a sightseeing side trip to a church that was half buried by a volcanic eruption in 1943. The village population of 3000 was evacuated and no one was hurt because of slow moving lava flow. Later in the day we visited a natural hot springs park and waterfalls in the city of Uruapan. More spectacular scenery and lots of steps!

Cinco amigos heading out sightseeing

One church tower (only one completed) before the volcano

Lava flowed through the church

Lava flow

Our guide lived in the evacuated village

National park in Uruapan city limits

Bob advising his new friend that today is his birthday

Colleen and Betty preparing birthday hors d'oeuvres