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San Carlos January 11-13, 2016

San Carlos (near Guaymas) – January 11 – 13, 2016

It was an interesting venture getting through the city of Hermisillo with 17 RV’s! Between the lights and multiple pothole pavement it was slow travelling taking more than an hour.  We have a GPS with the updated data but we were warned not to depend on it. 
Half way to San Carlos one of the travel trailers had a blowout tire.  We were quite close to a small town and were able to wait together for the tire change and for them to catch up with us.  There happened to be a roadside taco stand at our parking spot that made delicious tacos. Welcome to Mexico! The rest of the journey was without any issues.
The Totonaka RV Park was very nice, with all the amenities.  However it is still a little cool to take a dip in the unheated swimming pool. 
 Our first full day in San Carlos was filled with tours.  At 9am we boarded our bus with our first stop at a Sea Lion show.  It was a great show.   Anne even participated in one part of the show, receiving big “hugs and a kiss” from one of the star performers.  Larry was starting to be "concerned" but Anne says his breath smelled like herring!?  After the show we drove over to the local pearl farm.  A demonstration from one of the co-owners giving us an interesting overview of the production and time involved to produce one pearl.
 With an hour break back at the RV Park we boarded the bus to take us to the lookout for the beautiful Pacific Ocean sunset.  At sunset we could view the Baja Peninsula 60 KM away.
 Our second day at San Carlos we ventured off for a drive on our own and pick up groceries and refuel the truck before our departure for Huatabampito.

Excellent group dinner at Charly's Restaurant

Sunset view from Charly's

Sea Lion Show

High Jump

Anne receiving an "embrace and kiss"!

The pearl factory co-owner explaining the pearl farming process.

Cleaning the oyster shells from harmful algae and parasites.

The pearl colour will take on the interior oyster colour 

The previous San Carlos jail "slowly" be being renovated to a museum

ABC - most folks knows the definition

Casting for fish in the Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean sunset

Algodones Beach and Resort

San Carlos Yacht Club

San Carlos Marina

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