Saturday, 12 March 2016

Mazamitla February 29 - March 2, 2016

Today we visited a Mescal production farm produced the "old" method. The farm is located in an isolated mountain area that not many tourists even know exist. Unfortunately Anne was down with "Montezumas Revenge" and was unable to join the expedition.
On day 2 the group climbed aboard a Unimoog for a tour and lunch at the mountain village of Ojo de Agua. We enjoyed more great scenery in the El Tigre mountains. Anne was able to join the group in the evening to sit around the fire pit and discuss the days events.  This is also our last evening with Kevin and Ruth.  They have done an amazing job sharing their knowledge and love of Mexico.  Tomorrow our Wagon Master Paul resumes his job of getting us to our next destination... Melaque.

More mountain scenery

Pit for cooking the agave roots

Talk about remote location

Kevin and John demonstrating the "proper" way for Mescal tasting before drinking

Final Mescal product

Today's tour vehicle

Happy Gang

Ojo de Agua plaza after a funeral service

Ruth and Kevin "welcoming" Anne back to the group

Daily event discussion around the pit

The end of another great day

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